sports lotto, that you can play

Swopstakes is skill-based social gambling that provides genuine chances to profit or take life-changing prizes.  We’ve taken your favourite real-life sporting events, backed by real market odds, and created a unique game that offers a mix of chance, skill, survival and huge prizes.

Would you cash out to the bank for thousands or risk it all for the big payout?


Our patent pending process creates one unique ticket for every possible combination of result in a series of sports events; over one day or a tournament.

How the game works

As each event is played and won, tickets that fail to predict the real results are knocked out, while surviving tickets increase in value and carry the player through to the next event.

How to play

Trade your way to a profit by checking the ticket predictions you hold, keeping ones you like, cashing out duds, buying predictions you fancy, bidding on other players, rating your friends chances and comparing progress with the game leaders.


Survive every event and hold the one correct ticket.   Imagine being at the final event waiting to see who gets the grand prize.

Swopstakes is launching in Australia in 2014.  We have partner discussions in progress under Non Disclosure Agreements for other territories.  If you are interested in changing the game then contact Shaun Pryah at Six Faces Pty Ltd.


Shaun Pyrah


Phone: +61 (0) 409 787 263
Email:  [email protected]